My baby

by Wendy (Deerfield Beach, FL)

God help my heart calm its beats and my anxious soul put down it’s feathers and allow my throat to clear as I try to stop these tears from running because my baby boy of 3 1/2 leaves to a custody visit for 10 very very long days and will be on the other side of the country. Tears form in my eyes and I feel so much pain. Lord help this pain go away. Stop the nightmares from happening tonight. I am terrorized by these visits God and I don’t know how I can keep doing them for over 14 years. I gulp of the thought and I refuse to imagine it. If he was a true father this would all go away and I wouldn’t die of anxiety God but you and I know the reality God. We know the truth. God why must I keep doing this why do I have to send my son. God please help bring clarity. God I love you.

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