My baby

by Crystal ()

Please help me in praying for my 3 year old son. His father and I split up after almost 13 years together and even though it’s going on two years now my baby needs prayers. I’m a Christian and his father is not which makes coparenting nearly impossible. The courts don’t care bc they took Jesus out the courtroom and his dad doesn’t care he only cares about himself so as my baby’s behavior continues to decline I’m the one stressed out falling on my knees crying out for my son. He just started school and instead of getting better his behavior is getting worse. Lord please put a hedge around my child that you blessed me with when he goes out in this world whether it be to school or by his father’s house. I plea the blood of Jesus over my son God. Help me to have the patience that you have with me with him for he’s your angel Lord. May the demons flee from him even if he name if only mentioned. He’s so smart for his age and I don’t want him not to be able to succeed in life bc of this temporary world. Help his teacher give her the patience and understanding that she needs to teach him about you (he goes to a baptist school.) Whatever anxiety it depression my child suffers from any pain please God take it away. Help him to start listening and learning more about you. Save his dad Lord you are the only one that can turn a bad situation good and I’m begging you to turn things around for me and my baby. Help my light shine more Lord that I can be the best mother and example to my child. Please pray for me please.

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