My annulment and new life

by Hayley (Wylie)

Lord, please give me strength and patients through this process. My fianc and I are trying to go about this marriage the right way, and we want so badly to be married in the church. I have been through so much with my ex-husband cheating on me, and I am trying to do the best I can.

I feel as if I have exhausted my resources, and tried to do everything I can in a timely manner, to move this annulment forward. And I am feeling frustrated. God, I pray for your support and help in this matter. Please be with the people at the Dallas diocese as they work on my case and help them move it forward as soon as they can. Please dont let them forget about my case. This is so incredibly important to me Lord, and I ask for your assistance. Give me the strength and patience I need God. And please give your blessing so that my loving fianc and I can get married with you by our side. Amen.

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  1. Same situation

    My France’s marriage is not yet annulled. Can you please pray for us that my man May find the resources, favour and smoothness of the process and that his exwife will cooperate. I pray that God will bless us the sacrament of marriage and start a new life. In Jesus name amen. I pray that your.annulment procedure will be.successful and.with ease.

  2. God please guide me in my Annulment process

    Ive been separated with my ex husband for almost seven years now. Its been 18months since I filed Nullity of Marriage.Today was suppose to be our last trial in court but the Fiscal in charge is sick so they have to reschedule it February next year. God please guide me and help me get through this tough time in my life.i know you can hear me.I need your help. please give me the courage to face my worries.I love you.

  3. Wait

    Always remember that God states patience is a virtue. It is not up to you when you will get married, no matter how badly you want it to be, it is up to God. He will allow you to get married when the time is right and process the annulment. Always remember to keep Jesus Christ in your heart. You musnt falter, He loves you and will provide you with everything you need in the moment and forevermore.

    In Jesus Name I Pray,

  4. In Gods Time

    After a 5 yr divorce and an ex husband although is not catholic went through every possible annulment appeal -today the final appelletf court granted my annulment. I can truly say this time although so hard and long has allowed me time for my soul to heal and find Gods grace to forgive. It was all God plan and in his time.

    I pray for all of us that we can find success in our new marriages and use the lessions of our past to find happiness
    God bless

  5. Praying for you and yours

    I went through the annulment process. Yes, it did take about 13 months, but we were married in the church last Valentines Day, two years ago. It was a long wait, but it gave me time to reflect about my life. Give your troubles to Jesus. Give your heart to Jesus. In Him, you will find peace and happiness.

  6. Praying For Your Speedy Annulment

    I too am in a similar situation. Found a beautiful man who wants to marry me. My divorce will be final soon after 18 long months in court. Then the annulment process! I have started with the help of our parish Priest to work on my annulment. I have been told it can take anywhere from 12-18 months! I pray for your situation to speed along as I pray for our own.
    Please offer a prayer for us as we are so trying to please our God in Heaven. We are struggling with celibacy in this long journey to marriage. We need prayers for strength to defeat the enemy that wants us to fail our Jesus.
    May God bless you in your new life together. Your new walk in happiness.

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