My 18 year old has chosen the wrong path

by Kim (Scottsdale, Az)

I am praying that my 18 year old daughter get back on the right path and quickly. She has been the joy of my life and such a wonderful and talented girl until she recently met a guy who is a drug addict. She is now with this guy and has left everything behind…everyone had given her so much and her future was so bright and it was just suddenly she decided to follow this other path. It hurts so much! Please pray for me, her mother, that I have the wisdom of the Lord in this matter and that I handle this in the way He would have me to. And please pray for the protection of my daughter and that she find her brain and get her wits back. Pray her eyes are opened and she see what she has done. She is hating me and I don’t even know why….I have done nothing but love her and now she wants to just hate me and she is trying so hard to push everyone away that has ever cared about her. I don’t understand what has happened and it hurts so much. Pray I receive the peace of the Holy Spirit and be strong in the Lord. It is killing me.