My 17 year old son is lost,and needs prayer, please help

by Nicole (Albuquerque N.M)

Please pray that my son andrew open his eyes, he is in a abusive relationship, 17 years old with a baby on the way. I had to kick him out of my mom’s house due to him not helping her out, she’s sick. He moved over there to help her,and he takes total advantage of her. He only goes to her house to eat, shower, get money from my sick mom, or get rides from her. Her house is a filthy mess, and the weeds are growing and he just says I’ll do it later,and later never comes. please pray for him to open his eyes and come to his senses. That he learn a lesson now that he got kicked out so he could come home and turn his ways around be appreciative and help out more please and thank you God bless you all

Sincerely & much appreciation

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