Much needed prayer to help mend a broken relationship

by Rose (Whittier)

I ask for your help in prayer to mend two broken hearts. My boyfriend and I have lost our path together due to miscommunication. I know he loves me as much as I love him, but at different times we have both hardened our hearts. I have made many mistakes in this relationship and I am very remorseful about the entire situation.

I am very much in love with him and I need him in my life. I don’t want to lose my best friend and companion. I pray everyday that the Lord will see our love for each other and all that we have struggled to be together. “I ask the Lord to soften his heart and allow us to be able to fix our current situation with much peace and love and that we never forget how much we love each other”. Please help me pray for our unity in Gods name. (I am in love with you, my love.

You are important to me. I think of you all day and pray you are kept from harms way. I love you LR). Amen

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