Moving forward

by Carie (Sacramento)

I am praying for God’s help in moving to a new house.

I am praying for the right people to be with me at that time so that somehow we can help each other – physically, spiritually, emotionally, or financially.

I need prayers to help me pack my things into boxes without worrrying about what to take and what to let go.

I need strength to move forward by myself. I have had to let go of help from family and friends.

I feel alone and unsure of how to proceed. Please help me God to move in the right direction. I pray for strength and clarity and power to move through whatever is blocking my way or holding me back. I pray for all others facing their own challenges in life.

God be with us all. Thank you God for being in us and
for holding us all together in love. I am grateful for any prayers that may be offered by others. Thank you for being with me when I am moving forward. I already feel the love that is given by God and by God’s loving
children who are spritually evolved enough to pray for others. May my prayers for others and all of God’s children grow and transform my heart into a more loving and serving presence within me. Dear God be with me and all your children who reach out to you and who do not yet know to ask for your help. God keep me peaceful, loving, humble, and free from pride, greed, and envy. Dear Lord, may I remember you always and remember all your children in my prayers. Show me the way to be more loving and to have more strength. Please give me the strength to do your will. Please light a fire in my heart to move forward more lovingly and with more true wisdom.

God may we all feel your presence as we live, move, breathe, and experience life on Earth.

Thank you God. God bless.

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