Mother well-being

by Kannabeeran ()

I live in Chennai, South India. I request for my mothers well-being.

My mother has toiled for decades for the well-being of all 6 children. She wakes up at 3 am and finishes her routine only at 11 pm night. I have seen her complaining about it to ny grandmother when we visited them or even ro any of us in any of the three decades from the day I knew about it. Even if I get fed up of the regular contribution I did by helping her, and refused, she would single-handedly do the work. Because if she doesn’t, essential daily needs get affected. She also brought up the kids of all my sisters kids when their salary wasnt enough to run the family. She did everything with affection. But few in-laws not only spoiled our reputation with parents but cheated them and spoiled my mothers health and still spoiling mothers health blindly trusting strangers words. Here few neighborhoods and many people spend time by threading stories, lies to cause fight between the members of influential families. The cheap ones like few in-laws in our family behave rashly by showing it to ignorant people like my mother.

My mother has become deaf, suffers severly from body pain silently. Even after showing selfless love my mother and myself are only getting bad names in jobless times and her old age. I helped all listening to mothers concern for them in the past.

Please pray for my mother. She is so ignorant that she worries and prays for those who ill-treated her deeply. Please pray for my mother.

I worshipped our religious gods for decades listening to my parents. But my studies, job career and even my father’s last years were big failures. Now my mother. I lost all hopes in my deities. We used to worship our family diety. But troubles even due to it in our family life.

Please pray for my mother well-being.

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