Mother Mary finish the job you started in 1999 and murder I Gabby.

by Gabby ()

This is a prayer from an x catholic man who is now making a last call to who I used to pray to as per catholic teachings in my catholic church. We used to pray to the queen of heaven, the virgin mary.

Whore Mary, I Gabby ask that you finish off the JOB of MURDERING I Gabby that you started back in 1999. First I Gabby felt some form of electromagnetic Field approaching I Gabby fast, and as I Gabby look back I should have MOVED out of the way of its quick approach, but I Gabby didnt. Then I was hit with a pulse of energy of some form that sent my heart racing out of control. Then I began seeing what looked like a very poorly drawn image on a rectangular paper of YOU VIRGIN MARY painted in in crayons. And everywhere I looked I saw YOUR STUPID IMAGE in everything for the rest of the day. I now know that even if I would have tried to step out of the way, you Virgin Mary would have attacked I Gabby any how as you did that night. Then I began hearing voices in my head. So ALL I GABBY AM ASKING YOU VIRGIN MARY IS THAT YOU FINISH THE DAM JOB YOU STARTED BACK IN 1999 AND THAT YOU MURDER I GABBY. I am sick and tired of hearing all the voices I hear in my mind since that night YOU attempted to Murder I Gabby unsuccessfully. So DO THE DAM JOB AND FINISH IT AND MURDER I GABBY, FOR THAT IS WHAT YOU WANTED IN THE FIRST PLACE WASNT IT?

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