Mother Goanna LoScerbo among few others below

by Rosemary LoScerbo ()

Lord hear my prayer more than ever. A distant family who isnt related by blood came over yesterday and he’s name is Cosmo Capagreco started a big fight with me was nasty, cold evil and malious and all i wanted to do is salvage what was left my relationship with mom since my dad past away in May and it was due to medicaiton he took for blood thinners which had side effects. So, what im trying to say not only he attacked me with his evil violate words but he said somethjng so disgusting as a lie that i killed my father from because of stress and he was pissed off because he didnt like me saying that this nonsense goes on because of your family jealousy and then he proceed to say i will call the cops on you. Then to matters worse his evil daughter Laura says nasty thing about me of them being jealous and even though i appologize for saying that… and she said i will never forgive for that .. is she kidding me.. thats no compairison of the awful things he said to me and all lies. So, i had choice to block her from my phone. She and the rest of her family members including Adrianna, Connie have been nothing but trouble b/c if they cared they would they wouldnt be so evil, forgive and make peace of my family members including me. And this is also my moms fault because shes evil, jealous, backstabber, two-face and tell lies about me and my sister or this wouldnt have happen in the first place. Now, everyone hates me (Rosemary and my sister Elizabeth) because of my mother’s evil ways. Now, im not speaking to mom and everyone else who got involved. Please help me lord and perform a miracle and let everyone see how good person i truly am and not allow the EVIL take over our lives. And it needs to start with my mother Goanna because its her fault this all happened.. she needs to make this right.

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