Mother, come home to reunite with family.

by Jhunior Fleming (New York)

Hello all, I hope everyone is having a great and blessed day. I ask god and jesus to please help those that are in need. To help single mothers and get people off the street and provide them with support, love, happiness, and companionship and keep everything postive.

I pray for my mother. She has been put out of my country for being illegal, and my baby sisters and I have been seperated from her for a long time now. My mother wants to come back so we can reunite and be a family again. She is a very humble and genuine single mother. Very strong, and inspiring to me. I pray that she can get here before christmas, that no one gets in her way and she will make it to our house safe and sound.

All I am asking for is for my prayers to be heard please. Thank you all so very much. Please pray for my mother and family. Thanks again, have a blessed day.

God is great.

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