Morgellons Prayer

by Judy (Lacrosse, WI)

Dear God, I realize that my prayers have been selfish; always asking you for something. But Lord, I am weak and I need your help. All things are possible through you, but I cannot so anything without you. Please know I don’t mean to be selfish.

I realize that I need to take time in mY days to worship you and give you the praise, honor, and glory that is yours. That is why I am now reading daily Psalms 95-100, because they give you the praise, honor, and glory you deserve.

In my wakening up to this, I ask you to strengthen my faith and help me to endure my illness to the glory of your Name. Help me to endure the bizarre symptoms of this disease and only to look forward to the New Heaven and Earth which you are going to create. Help me to plant in my mind that this is not my home, but I am only passing through this journey to get to the ultimate end; with you in Eternity.

I ask that you would remove this affliction from me so that I can be the wife, Mother, grandmother, and God fearing person I want to be. I feel that this life wasn’t totally meant for me to live it suffering each day. But that it was meant for me to serve you and honor you in all that I do. Lord, it is hard to do this with this affliction

Show me how I can serve you, even with this illness and then give me the strength and wisdom to do it to the best of my ability. Help me to live all of my life for you, pleasing you every minute. Help me to have a God centered life.

All this I ask and pray in my Lord and Savior , Jesus Christ’s name, Amen

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