More of God in me and Less of Me

by Janet ()

Pray for more of God in my life and less of me. Pray for spiritual breakthrough, spiritual revival, deliverance of my soul , my mind and my spirit which seems it’s in captivity from the enenmy. Pray that I should be led by the Spirit of God. Aam tired to live by my feelings and my own canal mind, thoughts which most of the time I have no control over. Am sinking in my canal its. Am saved but it’s as if my mind. Soul and spirit is under control of a force other than Spirt of the Lord Jesus Christ. Am dead but still living. I am on a two weeks six to six fasting having coming out of a five day liquid only fast. Am desperate. I need someone to stand in the gap with me in this prayer of more of God in me and Less of Me. God to take more of me and less of me. Am desperate brethren. Secondly, I have retired now it’s a year and don’t know what to do with my life, my time and am dying of idleness. People ask me what is my interest or what would I like to do – am totally blank. Today’s devotion of Paul saying we should work and help others as a motivation to work. Am totally blank. Help me with prayers for God to open my spiritual eyes and see or give me ideas on what to do with my time. Please stand in the Gap and plead and ask God for mercy on my behalf. Am dead while am living – a walking corpse. Pleaseee plead for my soul to fall in God’s hand where I will receive mercy than the hands of my enemies.

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