More mistakes more sorrow more heartache more worry

Please help me I’ve been in trouble a lot had so many chances got addicted and had the chance to stay out of prison and got another charge and they wanna send me away I made a huge mistake they don’t think I’ve learned my lesson im considering killing myself I’m 19 I don’t wanna go to prison it scares me I stil have a chance I think I hope idk I dont want to have my famely age without or die I dissopontted my parents again and my friends and courts and god I don’t wanna pay anymore to jail I’ve lost a year so far I learned my lesson in then satin took control and I lost wha I new for a night got in more trouble I’m so scared and nervous and need help I want a famely a good job and to be drug free and happy hopefully this isn’t what it takes if the courts only forgave like god did it wasn’t a serious charge but I drank and drove so serious anough

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