by Satya (Fiji)

i satya residing in fiji a sole income earner in my family consisting my wife sharmila and my daughter shania. we dont have our own house,not enough money to make a house,buy needful things.we are on rent house.when we pay 200 fiji dollars every month ,we are left with very less money to buy daughter is in grade six.

Schooling growing big now.she doesnt have good clothes.sometimes its very painful to see my child also suffering with our poverty.we all pray almighty lord to hear our prayers.we all need finance to make a house,start a small business so that we can fulfill all our dreams which are yet to be complete.its so many years we have been suffering and no one is helping our family.we have faith for lord and we know that this time he will hear our prayers.please make our life full of prosperity and happiness.

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