I pray to God for a speedy Financial blessing

I pray to God for a speedy Financial blessing. I need money for my bills, and the holiday for my loved ones, and money to make my trip to go away for the holiday. Thank you, Lord, for this answered prayer in advance. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen! and Amen!

Please god release the angels to send me money

lord release the angels to send me moneiy lord, I would like financial freedom so that I can do more of your work since I would have more time for you. I would like to spread your word and love if I have enough time to devote unto you.

Praying to be relieve of my financial crisis

Father I come to you asking you to forgive me. I have gotten myself in a financial bind. I am asking you to take this financial burden off of my shoulder and destroy the yoke. Only if its your will. Thank you Lord in Jesus name. Amen

Pray for my financial problems and debts

Pray for my financial problems and debts. To change my life for the better especially in poor financial planning. Keep my faith stronger. Thank you. Good bless us all.

Prayer to please help me get out of debt

lord a had to move a year go had to find money to move ive got be hind bills i need help to get straight please help me lord its stressin me out workin more hours to get straight gettin so tired out please help me lord

Prayers for a senior to get ot of debt

I usually don’t ask for this but now that I am older and can not afford to ever retire I ask for prayers to help me get out of debt, for guidance and a strong will of plan. Thank You

Financial prayers to make thing right

LFather god please bless my financial situation so that I may release this stress fear and anxiety within in myself I just want to make things right and move on to the life that my lord and savior has planned for me

A home for my family to call our own.

Father God…Im asking you for a home for me and my girls to call our own. I dont know how it is to come about but I trust you to provide the most suitable place for us. I thank you in advance. In Jesus name I pray…Amen

Getting Evicted Need A Money Miracle

Please Bless me with a Money Miracle to help me find a home a get out of this debt, Please help my family and I not have to worry about money everyday or whats going to happen next, Im so depressed and need 1 miracle to start fresh Thank U

Prayer to get my Company out of debt.

Dear Lord I pray that you provide the finances to get our company out of debt. Help us pay off what we owe and give us the jobs we need to be strong. Provide the correct employees to help us be strong. In Jesus name I Pray.

Lord of good and all things wise

O lord, Thank you for all that you have given us, an this chance to better ourselves. Please grant us straight, so we can provide for familys and loved ones. To share with them all the riches, life has to offer us. Thank you for what we have and all we can do. Amen x