Mommas Prayer

by Crystal ()

Hello Good morning!
I recently had a parent teacher conference this week with my daughter Grace teacher. She didn’t seem to excited or interested at all to see me but like most moms I go on with the conversation. My daughter hadn’t been to well in school and like they all say “it all reflects on the parents”. Well the conference was about 20min long maybe even 25 at the longest and I leave and enjoy my day. I walked off sad because I knew where my daughter sat as far as grade levels. Wednesday of this week come to find out my daughters teacher attends church with my sister and grace happened to be in church with my sister and Brother in law. Well the teacher didn’t even introduce herself but my sister did and the first words to come out of that teachers mouth is “will you work with grace on her sight words” and my sisters response was “oh no I’m grace aunt” and the teacher responded “I know” and rolled her eyes When I picked up my daughter from my sisters house she told me what happened and it bothered me because I knew what I felt in that parent teacher conference was the teacher had no interest in me, AT ALL! So I contemplated in going to the school and confronting the teacher. I literally prayed and said God you take care of it. Well days past and I’m still beat up about how the teacher even involved my family into Grace situation at school. Lastnight we had a family emergency and my family came and helped us at home with Grace, God healed my baby Amen but that same conversation about what the teacher told my sister and brother in law came up and. As devastated because mow my mom and my aunt knew the situation. Sad to say I walked away because I had already felt attacked by that teacher then to have my mom and my sister now my aunt involved made me feel even more worthless as a mother. My prayers today would be for God to truly resolve this situation without me having to go to that school because honestly idk how I would react if I saw the teacher and for my parents including siblings and family (aunt) to not be so hard on me as how I should parent my children. I lack in areas of being a mother I can admit that but to have a teacher embarrass me as a mother or expose me to being not the best parent really upsets me. I think about it and I want to cry. I’ve always struggled in this area. Ive always had my mom and my sister get on to me etc and now that I’m past the past and forgiven these two for making me feel worthless I just feel like I’m back at square one.

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