Mom of five needs help, Lord

by Stephanie (Missouri)

O most holy trinity our lord Jesus Christ taught us that as we pray we should ask that our Fathers name be always glorified and that his kingdom should reign among us. In our great desire to make known this kingdom of love justice and peace we humbly ask that you glorify your servant Luisa the little daughter of the divine will who with her constant suffering deeply yearned for the salvation of souls and the coming of Gods kingdom in the world.

Following her example we pray to you Father son and holy spirit to help us joyously embrace the crosses of this world so that we may also glorify your name and enter into the kingdom of your will.Amen Please ask Luisa to intercede so I can relocate to California with my brother and receive $20,000 Immediately. We are victims of severe domestic violence. I have five children and father will not support them. Please pray that my brother calls his mother after nine years of absence. Make him stAnd up to his Muslim wife. Pray that my children heal emotionally and physically. No diseases. Pray that my daughters can still have children.

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