I keep making mistakes. In my career, in my personal life, daily. I seek guidance from those that are supposed to help me, but over and over I find myself alone with hollow advice. God, I don’t know how to do any of this.

God, you have blessed me with many talents, but I don’t know how to use them. God, you’ve blessed me with many friends, but I don’t know how to keep them. God, I’m at a point where I can’t go backward, but going forward is so hard. I feel like I keep being tested, but I just keep failing in my daily struggles. I want to give up; I want to run away and disappear.

God, I’m all alone, and lonely people are easy to take advantage of. I am not angry so much with other people, but with myself. I’ve made bad decisions. I just don’t know what to do. Please, give me strength and give me guidance. Please, help me identify the right path and set me on it. Please spare me from temptations. Please help me remember my blessings. Please help me change the things I can, and accept the things I cannot. Amen.

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