Missing my Best Friend

by Heather T (Stilwell, KS)

The most wonderful friend came into my life in January of 2016. We have been through real life issues together but never once wavered from each other. We typically speak twice a day due to our schedules we have to break up the time.

Lately she has gone two and three days without speaking to me, very little text messages and won’t answer any questions as to what’s going on. She has never stood me up and did last week and honestly my heart is broken. I never thought I would lose her. The worse part is my daughter and her daughter are best friends and my daughter is suffering big time from not being allowed to her best friend cause we are not getting together like we used to.

I ask for all of you prayer warriors to pray that our relationship is renewed, that we rejoin our lives together and start speaking and spending time together like we used too. I miss her so much it’s breaking my heart to the point I can hardly function. I appreciate all the many prayers.