Miricle Prayer

by Dominique (Louisiana)

Father God I come to you on this morning not just for me but for my children, family, friends and classmates. Father I ask that you be with us day in ad day out along our journey. Some of have had obstacles that have tried to get in our way Father but I ask that you give us the streghth to overcome them. I know that I will continue to praise your name Lord Jesus because I know you didnt bring me this far to leave me now. I just pray that myself and all those taking their state boards Father if it is your will give them just enough to pass Father. Take away our anxiety, doubt, fears, and restlessness and just be with us Father. I know that there are many suffering Father and I ask that you heal them in every way needed Father if it is your will. I know that there is no power greater than the power of the Lord. I plave in you all my interest and desires and claim them in Jesus name. Amen

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