Miraculous Blessing

by Jimmie Connolly (Eastover,SC)

Oh Merciful God,- My Emotions are a shambles. I have no friend anymore to enjoy life with, and it is about to kill me. The weekends are harder than the weekdays.- Thank you so VERY much for all my recent Blessings.- I was in a Financial Hell of a Bloody Mess. I will Die thanking You for resolving that situation. I Pray that you will continue to keep my finances stable, and Continuous. I am wanting to move from my rural living place, but I know that it would take ALOT of money to allow me to move close to the city. I know you are able,- but at this time I think it’s too much to ask of you right now. my credit keeps me from re-locating at this time. Meanwhile, I Pray for The means to get a room built for my Orchids. Through god’s Holy Name I Pray. Thank You For EVERYTHING. Jimmie C. 8-9-14

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