Miracles to all that close their eyes and think of you Lord

by David ()

I am a simple man, I am 26 years old and ask for your love lord to pour on all who have asked for your help. I love my life lord, I know that I don’t pray to you as often as I should, but I have a few things in my life that I pray to you for help with. I feel in my heart that everyone else’s prayers and those who are suffering should come before mine. I miss my ex girlfriend so much and would give anything to have her back in my life. Her family and I get along so well and I hope in my heart that someday she falls in love with me again. I love her with every inch of my body and I wish she felt that in her heart. I’m also working extremely hard at becoming a police officer lord and I feel hopeless at times as the economy makes it so difficult for me to become one. I feel in my heart that this is my calling in life as I have been confused and scared about what my career path in the future was before this. Please Lord also guide over my family because of all the fighting and arguing we do. I just want my mother and sisters to get along and be a happy family again. Guide over everyone one of us in this world for we have all sinned. Thank you for listening to me Lord and I do believe in you and in miracles.


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