Miracles , Blessed and Protection

by Shaquana ()

Dear God,

Father God I want to thank you for waking me up. God thank you for my abilities thank you for waking my children up. God God thank you for waking up my parents. God thank you for my friends and family my family the wooten’s Dorsey family Travis family Herron’s/Keels/EvansFamily, Duteau/Desroches family,Melchor, Burnett, Hooks. God I don’t understand what’s happening in my life and why God I’m asking that you heal me and that you allow me to love on myself my children my parents their father and his parents. God I’m asking that you hear my financial situation my living situation my broken family situation the pain and hurt. God I ask that you send me the provision I need for this weekend God I’m asking you to get my paycheck here to me I need it right now God be a way maker. God I ask that you allowed me to get healthy and take better care of myself from the inside out and to lose the weight. God provide the right home for Peyton and I back in New York. Guys that my mom back to New York get out of here God I pray that you heal this world of this disease and that you recover our finances are health create new norms put more agape love in my heart and the heart of your people. And poverty and lack and hunger homelessness and hopelessness I made all of my dreams are heart desires come true and my children my nieces nephews cousin friends family and coworkers. God I take nothing for granted. God simply thank you for waking me up my abilities my blessings miracles financially and non financial. God thank you for the doors your opening in my life. God thank you for everything especially your love. Amen