Miracles , Blessed and Protection

by Shaquana ()

Dear father God,
God I want to thank you for waking me up, my blessings, my abilities, my health, my daughter, my mom, my Desroches/Duteau family, my sister,Pj, Ms.Arlene and Mr. Preston. God I am grateful for the Travis, Dorsey,Evans, Herron, Desroches/ Duteau and Wooten family. God my baby girl is sick I ask and pray that you heal her mind and body an allow her to rest and relax to take her medicine. I declare a healing over her body. God I am sick and tired of fighting with her father and being at odds, I love him and his other children but, I am mentally drained and want to bring love back into that relationship and I rebuke the devil in my relationship with him, my family, framily and co workers. I forgive everyone and hope and pray to be forgiven for all my wrongs the hurt and pain I may have caused. God I just am asking to be healthy, happy, prosper a provider of a home of my own stability, to be a successful business owner and home owner. God Ms. Jeanette and Geraldine have been so gracious and welcoming in their home, Kenaul and her brother helpful. God I pray that you bless and cover them by your blood I am so grateful for them. God allow me to be here until I find my right home. But God you said ask and ye shall receive I asking within these next 2 weeks at Max you have the right home prepared for Peyton and I in a convenient location that is nice and affordable the bibles says you protect babies and fools. I have been a fool please heal me in jesus name and remove the pain and suffering from my body soul and mind. God heal my baby. God heal my broken relationships with Pj, my mom, Ms.Arlene, my dad, zette, my aunts. God mold me into a perfect child of God a great mom and wife. I love me some God and him. I pray to you God that he steps up more each day as a father and a man a provider let him fall to his knees honor seek and love you and walk in his purpose and live out his dreams. In jesus mighty mighty name. Amen God I pray for all those I love may they be blessed covered favored walk in their purpose and live out their dreams in jesus mighty name. God end poverty lack, pain and suffering in this world, joblessness and homelessness. God cover keep love on protect the Kobe Bryant family and friends who also died in crash and their families and fans. Let today be filled with blessings and miracles for us everyone and a special blessing for Peyton and I and unforeseen miracles. God as the message today talks about forgiveness I ask that you forgive me, I ask you make all of the important relationships in my life better healed renewed restore my love between Pj and I. Dear I am praying you soften my heart for the biggest miracle for Peyton and I. God bless me financially and emotionally before the day ends. In jesus mighty mighty mighty name victory is mine. Amen

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