by Jontae Smith ()

God I know I’m not the perfect person in this world. No one is perfect . I know you give up instructions to follow we have to Follow the best off our abilities. If not we are going against you will . Forgive me for my sins and watch over my daughter Janayla Lucinda Ann Calinda . She is a gift that you give me . Now I have someone who will always love me for me . God I’m asking you for a favor. I never come to you with one . Im Trying to work on being patient and the best mother I can be . I been struggling with finding a job , apartment , I don’t know I can do this all by my self and baby sitter . Help me find a apartment , car , and winning lottery numbers . Help me not raise my daughter and put her through things I have been through help me be better help me to see what’s real and what’s fake . On November 2 2021 will be the day the lord has answered my prayers. If I ever was picked I would give back to the community and have collage scholarships for a foundation for my grandfather or my freinds no kid should be left behind program . Quan be my angel and watch over me . I love u so much glad ur at peace now I’m glad god gave me the opportunity to have u in my life to meet u and get to honor the fact that I seen u before u died . God bless me my family , my mind ,my depression. Help me to come to u more for help . God please help me . Help me break the cycle of curses . Let my daughter start a new one . She deserve it all she deserves nothing but the best . How do I just let someone just get me pregnant and dispear. How do I forgive that . God help me forgive Even when I can’t forgive . If it’s your will then it is your way . Help me to see what’s right and wrong . God help my mind body and soul . Let miracles happen for November 2 2020 and let every number come out so u can show me the lord is real and he can change any situation around just have faith and patiences and miracles can and will happen . You can show me what the lord can really do when you have faith and when you belive . Wonders and miracles can happen Dear , father amen .

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