a prayer for a purpose

feeling really aimless depressed and alone not wanting to get out of bed anymore, no work no meaning and no reason for being please pray that those closed doors will open refreshing new horizons that I never dreamed possible and for the dog to stop coughing and regain his appetite he is the ‘it’ thing … Continue reading “a prayer for a purpose”

Need healing prayer for my digestive system

Need healing prayer for my digestive system. I get really sick when I eat food. I desperately want god to restore my health. I am so weak and tired and pray that someone will hear my cried and pray for me that the lord will restore my health.

prayer to help me

God you know everything what should i say to you you know that im not capable enough to run my family and i have two child and their future is depending on me but i dont earn much to fulfill any of their wishes and i have loans on my shoulders i dont know what … Continue reading “prayer to help me”

Hoping for a Miracle

I am asking for prayers to be cured of anxiety and other health issues. I am constantly worried that there is something seriously wrong with my health. I need to see a special doctor for an exam but I’m so terrified that I don’t think I’ll be able to go through with it! I’m praying … Continue reading “Hoping for a Miracle”

Praying for a baby…..

Please father I come before you…. To thank you for all the many blessing you have showered upon me…… Father I am great full for every blessing…. That you have given me….. I would like father that you see my emptiness in my womb and bless me with a healthy baby… In your name all … Continue reading “Praying for a baby…..”

prayer for a companion

Lord thank u for taking care of me during this difficult period of my life when i lost my husband.i have suffered so much and feel that u know i have had enough living alone for more than ten years.Lord i pray that this year will be a year of successes in my life.look on … Continue reading “prayer for a companion”

Love, Life, Labor

I pray to get into a great grad school, to get scholarship, to laugh more, to have more friends, to have more meaningful moments, to have fun, to go to parties, to sleep well, to have financial abundance, to eat well, to have a car, an apt, a beautiful home, a solid foundation and a … Continue reading “Love, Life, Labor”

a prayer for change

Lord father thank for my life and the life of everyone, thank you that you have kept me safe till this day father i pray that you will do a miracle in my life so that i can change my ways of living because i feel lyk am lost a helpless and the devil brings … Continue reading “a prayer for change”

Need financial help.

Father God in heaven through your son Jesus Christ I ask for forgiveness of my sins and mercy on my soul. I am tired of being stressed and worried about my bills and mine and my families needs. Not wants. Needs. Please take this stress and worry and grant me your peace. Please make a … Continue reading “Need financial help.”

Prayer for My Son

Please help me pray for my Son who is in Jail. Please ask God to wrap his arms around him and hold on to him through this time. Let him know he is not alone in this journey he is on. Please I ask to help pray for his return home. he is having a … Continue reading “Prayer for My Son”

Prayer for Financial Help

We are in dire financial circumstances. After paying my bills, there is less than 200.00 to last 2 weeks. My husband is owed money for work already completed. I am thankful for my job and the blessings we have. We need a financial miracle and we need it now. I ask that receive help and … Continue reading “Prayer for Financial Help”

God please heal me from bipolar disorder and depression

Dear God please heal me from bipolar disorder and depression and restore my normal daily functioning back now.thank you God in Jesus name amen.thanks to you all for the prayers and may God bless you all amen.sincerely, Joyce R.

Lord save my marriage

Lord touch my wife’s heart let her fall in love with again you put us together once lord I ask that satain don’t get victory by destroying a marriage that if there any bidy else I ask that you remove them to show her that I can make her happy again to grow old with … Continue reading “Lord save my marriage”

Prayer for faith

St. Jude I have faith in you that my medical condition will improve soon. Today was a sad to see that I have lost a lot of my hair. These continual medical issues have caused me anxiety and depression. Please I urge you to intercede for me and ask God to touch me with his … Continue reading “Prayer for faith”

Showered in Sin

Dear Father,I have forsaken you. I have showered myself in lies, and profanity. I have hurt my old friends. I have spread hatred. I have injured the hearts of your people. I have sinned. Please Daddy, I repent. Everything. Please, forgive me. I have made mistakes, that I cannot fix perfectly. I will do my … Continue reading “Showered in Sin”

Dear God

I pray to God to help me and never leave me, to help me love Him always. I pray that He gives me peace and happiness. I also pray to Him to bring to me a soulmate, which I cherish and which cherises me, adores me. We walk together, dance with each other, love each … Continue reading “Dear God”

prayer to forgive

Dear god, I’m not sure how to start this off. I don’t pray near as offen as I should. Honestly the only time I do pray is when I need something or when I’ve hit rock bottom. God, Ive lied an have been unfaithful to a very honest and faithful man whom I care a … Continue reading “prayer to forgive”


I ask for pray, for my friend. He was in a car accident, last year in May. This car ran him off the road, his SUV in up in the ditch. He was hurt, and the car went on didn’t stop. Now his Insurance Com won’t pay up because he couldn’t get the license tag … Continue reading “HELP FOR MY FRIEND.”

Prayer for the Desperate

I need a miracle to get out of this financial pit of despair that I’m in. I need a miracle gift or windfall of a large sum of money to cover all my bills this week, including gas, electricity, phone and mortgage, as well as several large bills that are heading to collections. My pay … Continue reading “Prayer for the Desperate”

guidance and prosperity

I want to back to North Carolina(Charlotte). I need to find a job to be able to be self sufficient and be able to pay my rent, utilities, insurance, car, etc. I need prayers that the lord lead and guide me and protect me and give me the wisdom ,knowledge and understanding and strength to … Continue reading “guidance and prosperity”

Prayer fo my deliverance

I am in need of a miracle prayers. Evil demons are tormenting my life,work,relationship,I can’t progress in my work I need to prosper. Right now I can’t feed myself my kids are running away from home because of hunger. Please children of God I need a miracle prayer in Jesus`s name. I don’t want to … Continue reading “Prayer fo my deliverance”

Save us

Jehovah save my family, my self and my marriage. Keep us with the blood of jesus. Help,I need thee. Bless my husband and I with good jobs. Right npw he is unmploy and I am making paet time salary on my full time job.Restore and bless us so that we give back to your kingdom. … Continue reading “Save us”

The gift of a child

Please pray that my son and his wife will conceive a child soon. They have been married for 7 years. I know they would be wonderful parents and could provide a loving home. Their life is lacking the happiness that a child could bring to both of them. They are depressed and desperate for a … Continue reading “The gift of a child”