The gift of a child

Please pray that my son and his wife will conceive a child soon. They have been married for 7 years. I know they would be wonderful parents and could provide a loving home. Their life is lacking the happiness that a child could bring to both of them. They are depressed and desperate for a … Continue reading “The gift of a child”

Prayer for my marriage

I ask you father son and holy spirit and all saints and angels to pray for my marriage and that my wife see what she is doing is wrong. Help her resist temptation and be willing to work on our marriage. That she will forgive and let go of anger and resentment. That she goes … Continue reading “Prayer for my marriage”

Prayer for A job

I’m asking in Jesus name that I’m able to find a job or job will come along for me. I’m got kick out of my apartment because none of my checks cane through last month. I’m broke and basically homeless. I’ve been staying with a friend and now some with my granny but I don’t … Continue reading “Prayer for A job”

Prayer for Employment

Dear Lord Jesus, I am calling on you to turn my current situation of joblessness around. Daddy God i know what you are capable of doing. You have done complicated things than this simple one I am asking of you this day. You did it for Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and I know that you … Continue reading “Prayer for Employment”

Passing Final exams

Please god I pray that you let my hard work show and that I passed all my exams well That I can stay in my program and live peacefully.

Lord I Need You Now

Oh mighty Lord, I need your love and protection. I’M going through the worse right now and you are the only one who is able. I need a miracle a blessing from above. I’M In agony and pain, My heart hurts So bad. Please forgive My sins, guide Me and show Me what’s right. I … Continue reading “Lord I Need You Now”

Prayer for Healing

I pray that the Lord may help in healing my baby. He is sick and the doctors cannot find the cause of his illness. He is only 4 and he is my life. I do not know what I will do without him and cannot bare the thought of losing him. I am struggling with … Continue reading “Prayer for Healing”

Prayer for a Friend

Dear Jesus, please help my friend. She is very sick, and she is young. Like most young people, she expected to be on this Earth for a while longer. Please give her strength and peace. As a friend, I am praying for a miracle for my friend so she can continue living her life in … Continue reading “Prayer for a Friend”

Prayer for Healing

For the past couple months I’ve had a mysterious illness. I’ve had tests done, been to a specialist, and been to the ER, but the doctors still don’t know what it is. I pray for healing, dear Lord, as you are the greatest physician and Almighty God. There are so many things I want to … Continue reading “Prayer for Healing”

Prayer for divine intervention with business

We need God to grant us divine intervention concerning our business as we submitted our proposal to the university of lagos and there is infringement on our work and every attempt to prevent us from doing the job.

Prayer for Infertility

I pray that God may sent me a miracle that would unblock my Fallopian tubes, I was told by my Doctor that both of my tubes were blocked which are preventing me from getting pregnant, I have so many surgery trying to solve the problem but nothing have worked. Father God I am on bending … Continue reading “Prayer for Infertility”

Its been well over a month since i am in pain

Its been well over a month since i am in pain. The pain of a dream being crushed to ground. These desperate times are the test of my faith and i truly believe that the almighty never leaves anyone in distress. All i need is just another chace. Please god make this pain go away

Heal my mother and me

My mother is suffering from diarrhea since 1999. Many doctors diagnosis says its IBS. She is also weak and have other problems like hyper acidity, diabetics, arthritis etc Please help her regain her health back. Also now i have developed hyper acidity and have migraines too. Please pray for both of us so that we … Continue reading “Heal my mother and me”

Please heal my family

My Heavenly Father, I beg you to comfort and heal my beloved family in all ways You think we need healing. Please heal our relationships, our mental and physical health, our financial woes, and end the bad luck that has dogged us for so long. Please loose Your angels to accomplish these things, and break … Continue reading “Please heal my family”

Prayer for Good Health

Please pray for my parents and their health. They have had some serious issues in the last few years. Last year my mother had two open heart surgeries and my father had several melanoma surgeries. Please place a petition before our Blessed Lady to pray for my parents and their health. Please please pray for … Continue reading “Prayer for Good Health”

prayer for hope

I pray for hope that reconcelliation will happen with me and my husband of 39 years. I pray that jesus will touch my husband and help him to feel the love and want to be reconcilled with me.I pray for this prayer with gratitude and love for what \i have been given and \i what … Continue reading “prayer for hope”

My family needs a home

Me and my mother and my brother haven’t have our own home in 2 years now my mom has the money to move but the people are looking for credit checks and my mom’s isn’t that good so they say no. We want a new place now because I’m having a baby on the 28th … Continue reading “My family needs a home”

Prayer for Moving

Hello, I severely need to move out of the home I am living in now. I saw a home that the owners are willing to help to let the potential buyers finance. Please pray that these owners are reasonable and are fair with the price and that they are Christians and that I may be … Continue reading “Prayer for Moving”

praying for our marriage

We love eachother a lot and wish to marry with both parents belssings.But as we belong to different religion, its very difficult to convince our parents. Please pray for us so that we can live together happily with everybodys blessings. Please pray for us so that our wishes comes true.Please pray for us so that … Continue reading “praying for our marriage”

Fellowship Prayer

In the glorious name of jesus, i come before your throne of mercy and grace asking you to please equip thy children with divine abundance of love and power to forgive one another when we fall short and sin help us to try to restore one back to fellowship with you through the blood of … Continue reading “Fellowship Prayer”

Help in times of doubt

Dear Lord, i dont understand why i am in these times of doubt and pain again. I pray that you not forget to protect and care for me during this time. I know that your ways are mysterious Lord, but, please help me to raise my reputation so that i may do good work and … Continue reading “Help in times of doubt”

Please God heal me from bipolar disorder

Please God heal me from bipolar disorder and depression and restore my normal daily functioning back immediately.thank you God in the name of Jesus Christe amen.thank to you all for the prayers and may God bless you all amen

Prayer For my friend

My friend is going through a terrible storm in her life. In her exhaustion from these trials she feels lost and forgotten. She knows God and loves him but has become so weary and feels like giving up. Please lift her up and remind her to give it all to God. She needs a spiritual … Continue reading “Prayer For my friend”

Praying for all

Dear lord, I pray for the people that have posted their prayers here, give them strength. Jesus Christ my lord and savior I pray you give the families of the recent school tradegy some peace in their heart. Let your light shine in their lives. Bring down your angels for them lord. Help the mentally … Continue reading “Praying for all”

Prayer for a job

Lord Jesus Christ I come before you begging for mercy. Please forgime me for the sins i have committed against you and wash me with your holy blood. Bless me so that I may get a good job. It has been 2 years without a job yet I need to provide for my family. It’s … Continue reading “Prayer for a job”

Thank you Jesus for giving me this Life

I thank you Jesus for giving me this Life, I thank Jesus for giving the opportunity to serve you, love you. I thank you Jesus for giving Loving Parents, relatives, friends, a good job, finacial stability. I Praise you Jesus Halleluija

Heavenly father, please heal my mother

Heavenly father, please heal my mothers mind body and spirit. Please wash away all pain illness and negative energy. Please return mom to a cognitive mental state, or take her to her rightfully place in heaven beside you.

save my marriage

lord i ask that you restore the love back between me and my wife ,lord forgive me of my past sin of adultry.lord i am asking that you free us and allow the work of the holy spirit to heal us both,lord i ask that you would resore the intamacy back into our lifes once … Continue reading “save my marriage”

I need a miracle

I have until Saturday to come up with $480 or I will lose my things in storage at auction on Monday morning. My Mom had said she would help me with $400 but then she changed it to only $200. I can’t come up with the money myself. I don’t know what to do. Dear … Continue reading “I need a miracle”