Miracle to enable me to emigrate to country of choice so that I can make a fresh beginning in life

by Charity ()

My loving and heavenly father, the God of all grace, I come before you today, asking with a hopeful heart, that you will lead me and guide me, as I make serious efforts to leave the country of my birth, in search of greener pastures where I can make a fresh new start in life. Lord, only you alone can truly know, and understand the mountains I have had to climb until this point in my life, the disappointments, as well as the heartaches. You alone know the tremendous sacrifices that Iife has forced me to make on behalf of family, which has in turn left me in this very needy position in my life. Painful as it has been, I don’t regret my losses dear Lord, as I believe that the sacrifices that I made, whether appreciated or not by the beneficiaries, were truly the right, and best decisions that I had to make at that time, and that I made them with love, and a sense of responsibility and duty in my heart. The physical blessings that I once possessed dear Lord, I know came from your hands. And as such, I believe that in the fullness of your time, you will restore to me, all that I have lost, and more, for I truly believe that you that you are a God of second chances, of healing and restoration. For the time being, even with the pain in my heart, I can still afford to joyfully say, that “the Lord gave, the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the Name of the Lord!”

I hereby surrender my total self; all my future plans unto you my Lord and my God, in the sure hope that they will conform to Your will and purpose for my life. I thank you that thus far, you have been working tirelessly in the heavenly realms, to orchestrate every little details, to ensure that all the good plans that you have planned for, will fall into place at your perfectly appointed time. I do not want to go anywhere where I will not go with me, to light and guide, to rule and guard me. Even more still, may you my good, good father Jehovah Jireh, go before me at all time, and make all crooked paths straight, and remove all obstacles that the enemy has set before me. As you know Lord, I have been knocking on heaven’s gate for quite some time now, but I can only hope that the time has finally come, for my plans to be in conformity with your own good plans for my future.

I thank you Father for the privilege of prayer that you have granted to me and all mankind, which enables us to come at any time, before your throne of grace, and be in loving commune with you. Thank you for listening to the prayer from this humble sinner. Cleanse me of all my sins, for I do not want anything in my life, which might separate me from your tender loving care. I say this prayer, in the name of my Lord and Saviour, the Prince of Peace Jesus Christ. Amen.

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