Miracle to be admitted into the Registered nurses diploma training project.

by Vistolina Shipepe (Windhoek, Namibia)

GOD, Almighty father of heaven and earth you said ask and you will be given. Today I came with all my faith to you oh God asking for a miracle to be admitted and trained as a nurse. Before I even write my reasons I know that God already knows them, but will go ahead and empty my desperate heart .

first of all I am married to a wonderful husband who go out of his way to help me when needed but am afraid am loosing him slowly as am staying more than 800km from him, where I cant even do my duties as a wife to be there for him,cooking,cleaning ect,am thus far because am employed on a contract basis and the salary don’t even cover most of my expenses but because of our need to earn a living although it is small is why am residing this side and not in my matrimonial home.

I tried for vacant jobs in town but to no avail. Today the ministry of health and social servicers are looking for school leavers to apply for nursing ,closing date 18 August 2014,and one of the requirements is that the age group is from 18 up to 30 and am already 31 God please am desperate right now and only in you I can find refuge, thank you GOD for hearing my prayer and bless my family ,friends and go out into the life’s of those who need you today ,in JESUS name I pray.AMEN

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