Miracle, Restore, Separation, Divorce, Healing

by Catherine (San Bernardino)

Hello Everyone, Please keep me and my Family in prayer. Last year I found my husband with another women. Later I found out there were many married and single women he was having affair with. Today he still blames me. he told me he was sorry, But shows me he is sorry for just getting caught. He is trulthfully NOT sorry for what he has done. We are still married in the process of a divorce. It hurts so bad to let go. We have been married for almost 17 years. I had little hope maybe if I stayed away he would realize what he had. He says it’s ok for him to continue his affairs because we are separated. few months back he got baptize. Please pray that he will open his eyes and stop this behavior and truly accept God in his heart. I ask God to help me to forgive him and these women. These women do know he is married. Please also pray that these will no longer pay any attention to him. Ask God to remove these women.

Thank you Everyone and God

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