Miracle Prayers

by Bridget (California)

My mom has been in coma for 3 days . Doctor has lost there hope. But i knoe God wouldn’t leave us empty. God has a plan that I may not understand right now but i will. Please pray for a miracle that mom wake up soon.

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  1. I will pray with you!

    A year ago my husband hit his head so hard after slipping on some ice that he sustained 25 brain bleeds. The doctors said that no one had woken up from a coma with that much damage. They weren’t even going to put him on a respirator because they believed he was going to die anyway. So, I stood next to his bed with my hand on his heart and prayed to God for hours and hours every day that He lay his righteous right hand on his head and in His great Mercy to send healing and allow my loved one to open his eyes and, a month later he opened his blue eyes. He came home last May 12th, 2017. It has been a humbling Journey. They found cancer in him the day he was supposed to come home. He was like a rag doll from laying flat for so many months. But God is so good and so great! The doctors were able to burn the cancer out of him. I remember looking at the lead neurologist and asking him if he thought mark would ever wake up and he shook his head no. And as he exited the room, I yelled after him, Then you don’t know God! I will pray for you and with you now. I must have asked 50 strangers to pray for him and soon I found out that none of God’s children are strangers. May God bless you with his infinite grace and mercy.

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