Miracle prayer

Father God in Heaven I prayer for your miracle as I have been suspended from work awaiting hearing Father. I pray for a miracle Alford in my situation for I know all things are possible with you Jesus. Father be with me at this difficult time guid me and protect my actions. Let it be you who take the stand at the disciplinary hearing Jesus. I pray in your Holy name. Amen

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  1. Prayer at a work hearing

    I am currently employed in law enforcement. Please pray for me I have a hearing at work tommorrow. The circumstances were very trivial and it belive my superior was mad and acted out of emotion and now I have a hearing that could determine my career. I could recieve a disciplinary write up, suspension, or termination at the conclusion of this hearing. Pray for me. I am aware of the power of prayer and I am in need of it.

  2. Lord help my husband during his enquiry

    Please dear Lord be with him guide him speak for him. Make his intentions of honesty shine through dear Lord.Let np man perjure themselves against him let them open up and speak the truth in my husband’s favor. Amen

  3. Disciplinary hearing

    Heavenly father help in my disciplinary hearing today,I confess am a sinner but please do forgive me heavenly father.

  4. Disciplinary hearing tomorrow

    Dear God, as my husband attends his disciplinary hearing tomorrow at his workplace at 12pm I want your miracle oh Lord so that the outcome will be favourable to him.

  5. New Place To Live

    Dear Lord, I humbly request a blessing of a new, affordable apartment in which to live and the means necessary to obtain this new apartment. I promise to show my gratitude by somehow paying it forward. Thank you.

  6. Disciplinary hearing on 28th July 2021

    Dear God, pray for me as am awaiting my disciplinary hearing perform a miracle that when I appear before the panel I won’t be suspended let all be lenient.

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