Miracle Prayer

Father God, you said ask and I shall receive, well Father God I am asking for 3 keys, 1 is for a lovely home with nice furniture and peaceful sounds, 2nd one is for a nice car that I can afford and I can use to get back and forth to your house of worship and make it back and forth home as much as I like to and a car that can get me back to work to increase my income and the 3rd would be for my deli, my place of business that was filled with love, respect and great tasting food, allow the deli to be 10x’s successful than it was. Father God I never claimed to be a hustler, I only claimed to be a Child of the Most High God, you. I am your child and ask that you trust me with more stregthn, wisdom, knowledge and an increase to my territory and income. I asking for a 2nd chance at this thing called life. Help me so I can help other. In Jesus Name, I thank you in advance. Amen

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  1. Anonymous says:
    My Child

    My son as a small child was abused as a child by a priest. He remember this years later and after several abused children went to court. It has been proven that the bishop knew this. The bishops attorneys carried threatening words to my son he hates God “Where was he.” I ask God to heal my hurting son. This caused all my children to not trust the institution of the Catholic church and pain between family members.It seem like the prayer of the impossible.

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