Miracle prayer

by Lila (Onset,Mass)

Dear lord Jesus, I come to you in a time of need. I had just recently lost my job and I pray that you can find me another one.I pray that you could Show me and guide to the career you know is right for me.I also dont like the place im living please help me get out of here lord jesus.I had also just went through a breakup from my boyfriend of 5 yrs he said that we needed space and that we were fighting a lot. I pray that you reconcile us back together because this is the man I wanna marry and have a future with I love him very much. I put my relationship in your hands god and pray that you bring him back to me.Thank you lord Jesus I give all my problems to you. I put them in your hands and pray that you give me the strength to get through this lesson your trying to teach me.Thank you for everything lord I trust in you that things will get better much love thank you.

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