Miracle prayer to clear our debts

by Lakshmi (UAE)

Dear God, I see no light in front of me, i see an endless tunnel with no glimpse of the end..we are in deep debt..which we have accumulated over a period of time, having the faith that we will be able to pay. We have made some wrong calculations and decisions and we are deeply sorry. Pls help us to repay our debts as we will face legal complications if unable to.

We are sorry dear God. Pls forgive us. Please help us. We have nowhere to go. And we have our 3 innocent children who will pay dearly because of our faults and faliures. Save us God. Forgive us our mistakes. Relieve us from this burdan.Please.

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  1. Prayer to clear my debts

    Dear god I’m really very sorry for the mistakes I have done plz forgive me . I am undergoing the financial problem of debts please god help me clear out any how who ever gives me I’ll return it back for sure Jesus plz my sister is suffering from mdr tb plz help her to get cured fast under Ur blessing plz Lord offer good jobs to my Kamlesh and my brothers with good salary and Un ending jobs j help me also to get part time job so that I may get more income .I’m ashamed god plz help me live little comfortable life Jesus still how long time I’ll have to suffer god plz plz listen to me I beg of u god plz I’m feeling very insulted when I walk from Infront of the people who have given god I’m help less plz show miracle I want clear plz send some help through some one .

  2. clear my debts and loans

    Oh God!

    Kindly help me to clear the loans I have accumulated.
    Help me to get profit in the share market so that I can repay the loans.

    Please help me god!

  3. prayer for clearing our debts

    dear god i thank u for ur help ,care and blessings jesus plz help us to get our debts cleared or else we will be in a trouble plz god im alone who is earning at home and my two brothers r suffering from mdr tb they r helpless plz Jesus i also need money to give them good food as they r sick jesus i really need ur support im helpless plz help us to come out of this debts and live a happy life im suffering a lot i always have to listen to others words plz jesus help me come out of it with ur help i have full confidence and faith in u that u will surely help me and jesus from many years i m trying to do my d. ed .but some or the other obstacles come plz jesus help me to do that also and i may get teAchers post plz plz plz jrsus i beg of u .if i get that post i can look after my family as well as those in need whom i can help .i make this prayer unto u AMEN…….


    Dear God, I see no light in front of me, I see an endless tunnel with no glimpse of the end… we are in deep dept… which I accumulated over a period of time, having the faith that I will be able settle. I made some wrong calculation and hopeless decisions and I’m deeply sorry. Please
    help me to repay my depths.
    I’m sorry dear my dear GOD. Please forgive me. Please help me. I got nowhere to go. And I have a innocent son and my wife who will pay dearly because of my faults and failure. Save us GOD. Forgive me my mistakes. Relieved us from this burden. Please, Please, Please

  5. Debts pray

    Please pray for me I have accumulated a lot of debts over a period of time and I am unable to paid it all my debts , therefore I request you to pray for me to my LORD JESUS for forgiveness ,and cancellation all my debts I supposed to paid but I failure because I am in financially difficulties,please help me ,I pray in the name of JESUS,Amen.

  6. Dear God, please help us to clear our debts

    Dearest God, We are going through the worst situation of our lives, too many debts, no business, no earnings, and we a have a serious medical condition at home which is a life or death situation, no support from elders or any extended family. We are struggling to the core, and every dawn seem to be a burden, questioning our desire to live. Yes we admit that we made a grave mistake, took life easily without planning for future, and never planned anything financially. We had a care a damn attitude, but now we regret from the depth of our hearts. You have taught us the value of every little thing and every human around us. We learnt a bitter lesson at a very expensive way. We are sorry, and we are begging you to save us. We are praying sincerely from our hearts, please save us. Show us the miracle. Show us the way. We want to have a life to live in this world. Help us.

  7. Miracle prayer to clear our debts

    Dear God,
    Have mercy on us!We are in deep debts that we have no ways of repaying them help us oh God to clear all our obligations that would lead to serious conflict to people we’ve owe..I prayed for the people we owe money that you continually blessed and give them the patience and understanding not to sue us.
    Lord, we are very sorry for abusing the money you entrusted us!please forgive us.

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