Miracle Prayer Request to Heal Our Relationship

by Ryan (Panorama City, CA)

Lord, Jesus Christ, please be at my side through these trying times in my relationship. We have difficulties in our relationship, difficulties to come to a mutual understanding and realization of each others actions that affects us today.

I pray and beg Almighty Jesus, that she finds renewed faith in her heart to fall back into my arms and to work things out with me, to love each other to continue to grow and learn from one another, and gain a mutual love for each other. I see her as my lifelong partner, the one woman I would love to share my experiences and the rest of my life with. I pray to you, dear Jesus, that she finds it in her heart that she can put away the negatives remnants of our recent past and be able to weigh all the joys in life we have had together. Blessed O Lord, please have mercy on me. I kindly ask for your blessing that we will be able to get through this and that she comes to a deep understanding that we can continue to be happy together as we had shared before. I pray that she gives us a chance and sees me in her eyes the man she would love to spend the rest of her life with. I miss her gentle smile and love. I embrace you Lord, and find comfort in Your grace that she and I can be together again one day soon. Amen.