Miracle prayer for restoration of my wife’s heart to God!!!

(DFW, Texas)

Today I ask for prayer for the healing of my wife’s heart. Months ago my wife filed for divorce. My wife’s heart is very hard and she is refusing to listen to any godly counsel. Let it be known that there has NEVER BEEN any infidelity or abuse in our marriage. We have 2 beautiful little girls. I deeply love my wife and our girls. I do not want a divorce. We have been married 7 years and 9 months. My prayer is that GOD immediately intervene and touch my wife’s heart to bring her back to HIM to renew the covenant between HIM and my wife!!! I pray HE heals her heart of unforgiveness, maliciousness and hatred! I pray that HE also gives me the strength to be strong during this time! Somehow and someway I pray that HE brings a stop to this divorce that would continue to destroy our family!!!

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