Miracle Prayer for my Son’s Cancer

by Lisa (Bellmore, Ny)

My son Thomas is in his final stages of brain cancer. I believe in God and His power to give him a miracle. Bless me God for I am a sinner. My son Thomas is 13 years old and has taught me the ways of the world. He has made me a wiser, more loving person. Thomas has fought through 5 surgeries, many rounds of chemo, and countless radiation treatments.

He also endured a secondary cancer, a form of leukemia, which he has beaten. When Thomas was 2 years old and just diagnosed with brain cancer I went to a wake for a friend’s father. At the wake, a voice spoke in my ear and told me not to worry that this is not for him. I know God spoke to me and I’ve carried that in my heart all of these years. Well, now faith is certainly being tested as Thomas is terminal.

I believe in what God told me and I believe that Thomas is meant to be w us. Join me in prayer for my son, Thomas that he is healed of this horrible disease. With trust in God.

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  1. Prayer

    Just read about your son. I am so sorry. I am praying for you and your son. Trust in God and keep up your faith.

  2. My son's cancer

    My beautiful son, Thomas passed away on Oct, 7, 2012. Thomas didn’t get the chance to be a kid. For 11 of his 13 years, Thomas endured too much. He remained positive, kind, loving. I am angry, so angry at u God. I filled my heart with my son that I raised well, that could have been a huge positive impact our world. God, stole that away from us. U robbed Thomas of a fair life, robbed him of his childhood, robbed him of a future. U left his family broken. Shattered, really. Is that ur intent God? To shatter my son’s family. We will never come back to being the good people we were, we will never, ever love like we used to. We will never smile or laugh like we used to. We gave Thomas our everything from the every being of our fiber. U ripped him away. My life has crumbled. Why God? Was it because I love my son more than u?

  3. Prayers

    My deepest condolences to you & your family over the loss of your son, Thomas. I’m so sorry that you also lost your faith & that you’re angry at God. But that’s understandable. I will pray that the Lord will restore your faith & give you peace, that peace that surpasses all understanding. And that He can help you understand that, one day, you will be able to see your son again. Today, Thomas is with God, he’s not suffering anymore, there’s no more pain for him. God is keeping him safe for you. I understand my words may sound shallow, bec that’s not exactly where you want your precious son to be. If you seek God, He will help you heal your pain. I am truly sorry for your loss!!!

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