Miracle Prayer for my job


Lord GOD maker of haven and earth the only GOD that I pray on this earth the king of kings, your power is greater than all the powers on this earth. I believe everything you do you do it for a reason and for you to give me this job back home you have a reason for that. Lord help me the projects that I am heading, heip me to sell the ovens in Jesus name, help me to get construction companies to buy the chemicals that I am selling. My boss used to be happy with me but now he is changing his atittude towards me only because he feels I am not bringing money into the company,but only you GOD knows I am trying my best. Lord its you who put me on this job because you had a reason help me O Lord let everything that I touch with my hands, everything that I think with my brains and everything that I say with my mouth be blessed in jesus name. Even tomorrow when I go to talk to the supemarket owner help me lord to convience her so that she agree to be partners with us in Jesus name. GOD the bible says you are waiting at everyone`s door whoever who opens you will enter,now here I am LORD opening my door for you, GOD I have faith in you I believe in you and I ask you GOD to answer my prayers in JESUS`s name.AMEN

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