Miracle Prayer For Good Health , Good ACT score and Admission Acceptance In UL

Lord, Thank You For Giving Me The Strength And Courage, Good Please Continue To Heal And Bless My Body Form Sickness that may Cause Harm To My Body, Good Please give me the knowledge I need that I don’t have to make the highest score I could make on the ACT, Good please aleays give me an open mind and heart , and that I continue to make good grades in school and that I shall see improvement on my next report card last but least lord I pray that I get into ULL , this is the school of my dreams and the only place I feel comfortable going God please let whoever view my application find a place in their heart to place me in their school good I always want to pray for a better relationship with you and my boyfriend that I may change him into a positive person an get him back on the right track just because of the love I have and that our relationship gets better everyday I also know that my family have finacial problems going on I just want thank you for making a way, I also pray I get what I was promised this Christmas from my grandfather because catching the bus is not safe but with you by my side each and everyday I will be okay I pray for protection as I drive my car Thank You Lord Love You

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