Miracle Prayer for faith and strength

by Kim (Illinois)

Lord I pray that you can heal my weary soul. You know my life and my inner thoughts and demons. Take these burdens from me and leave peace in their place. My soul was ripped away and my heart broken when you took my husband away to your home. Give me strength to survive without him till I am able to be with him again. Help heal the broken heart left in pieces on the floor. There is a darkness, sadness and anger that lives under our roof, it is time for us to see light again. Help all of us to accept our loss, give us a ray of hope and mend our minds and body.

Give me faith Lord that you are with me, carrying me though this most unbearable time. Put your arms around us and let us feel your warm and loving embrace. We have strayed so far from ourselves and from you it seems as though there is no return, but with your guidance there shall be a light to follow.

Please I beg that you give me strength and power to walk away from those who hurt me and drag me down. Show me I am worthy of better and deserve more. Be there when temptation calls and remind me you are here and are the path to follow, It is so easy to fall back into old habits, let them destroy your life but with you by my side I can be strong.

Please Lord, you know the tremendous financial struggles that are upon me, show me what to do. I have kids to provide for and I need your help.

I am so weary, downtrodden and beat down from years of pain, anger and depression that I am covered in darkness while demons fight to take me. do not believe that is what you want for me, but I am weak and alone without your love and guidance I will not make it.

Reach out Lord and show my plan for me, show me the path I need to choose. I need to see it and right now all I see is darkness. Send your angels to guide me, to lift the burdens and the guilt. To look forward not back for I can not change the past. I do not understand why Roger was taken so young, why you felt you needed him more and that I could handle life without him. I don’t feel that I can so I turn to you at my darkest hour and beg for forgiveness of my sins, faith to sustain me, the light to the path I need to see and the peace my family needs to love again.

In your precious sons name I pray,


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