Miracle Prayer for Employment

by Berta Vanessa Diaz (Union City, Nj, USA)

i am praying for my financial and health status. i don’t have money at the moment and need a miracle prayer for employment. my have alot of medical debts from my surgery.

i lost my job last may. i never had a job with benefits. i only had a part time job. i was suffered from depression and anxiety after i lose my job. i don’t have any real friends and a boyfriend to share my frustration.

i had asked my boss to promote me so many times but it seem that he is not listening to me at all. really need someone to hear and let me prove them that i am a better worker in a work field. lord i do believe and trust you all of my heart.

my only wish is that i could get a job with benefits and to help me with my medical debts. also that someday i will find a faithful and honest friends and a new boyfriend to share my life with. amen.

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  1. Praying in Agreement

    I am praying for all of us currently looking for meaningful work. I believe that God will lead us through the spirit and connect me and all of us to the right people and opportunities so that we can provide through his blessing to our family more than enough so that we can bless others that are in need as well. I believe this is happening now as we agree in prayer. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  2. Prayers for my Daughter's Employment

    Please pray that my daughter can find a good job to be able to display the talents that the Lord has deemed upon her. We pray that we will come out of the darkness that we have been put in with faith that the Lord is working in our corner to Help us!!!

  3. Career

    Please pray for me as I travel on this journey for a Career not just a job. I have been traveling this road for some years now and it seems as though the spirit of blockage have come up against me. I desperately need this career so I can be able to taje care of my family , pay my bills, and be a blessing to others and Gods Kingdom.Please stand in agreement with me in Jesus Name, Amen.

  4. Miracle Prayer for Employment

    I had a recent interview and was told my name was among others for the next step. I really would like this job because it will change my career and start a new chapter for my life. God if its for me show me a sign that’s mine right now God and if its not for me show me the job that’s for me. I pray that I get the job for me soon and its for your glory not mine your due all the praises and glory and mercy.


  5. Standing in Agreement

    I pray that Robert’s needs be met and God give him and his family peace in the name of Jesus. I too am in pretty much the same situation and am praying for God to release angels to minister prosperity to Robert and for me. I thank you God for answering my prayers and for forgiving me of my sins. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  6. A Miracle for a Job for Financial Help

    Please Help in Praying for my self and family to help me get a better job. I Can’t afford to pay for my bills and food on my table. Please help my family and I to get a better job that pays better and a job with respect from my co workers.
    I am in such need for financial help. I cry ever day. Please Lord send your ANGELS TO MY SIDE. AND HELP MY FAMILY NEEDS OUT. BLESS YOU LORD

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