Miracle Prayer for Abundant Wealth

by Mary-Anne (Australia)

Dear Lord,

I ask the Angel of Fortune to bless my family and I, with a miracle of abuntant wealth so we may pay off all our debts. We are drowning. We need a saviour. I also ask our gaurdian angels to keep my husband and family safe. I feel guilty about the debt so I pray for forgiveness and ask for our debt worries to be lifted and banished from our lives.
In Jesus name I pray for Help.

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  1. been there - my heart goes out to you

    we too have made amny mistakes with our monies … to just once be able to breathe and start over for his I hope the Lord grants your request Dear Lord please bless them … I know there pain and how hopeless a person can feel.. like a rabbit in the fox cage … you know your gonna be gone just don’t know which one is going to do it to you – help them Dear Lord.

  2. been there .

    My husband and me are going thru the same problem.

    as you are. I will pray for you.

  3. Psalm 112

    Wealth and riches are in your house now according to the word of God,I agree with you to receive more money than you have ever seen in your life…you are debt free in Jesus holy glorious name,Amen and Amen.

  4. forgiveness

    Dear Lord,
    I have forsaken you by visiting other worship houses. I have truly hurt you. I am sorry for that. Today I realise what a fool I have been. Please forgive me and take me back. All I need is you. I LOVE YOU DEAR LORD. Take me back and my family and give us your blessings. Take us back…..Amen!

  5. Abundance, wealth, health and compassion

    Pray for financial freedom and my children to be with me and family and internal eternal peace and for me to lose weight and good health for all family.

  6. Money wealth and healing for my both of my knees are so painful can hardly walk or get up and down.Please I

    Please I have been praying and begging God for a financial miracle and a money breakthrough and complete healing in my whole body I am praying and hoping for a miracle I am homeless and now they have cut of my little small SsI check and I am in great need of a money blessing and have been praying for a home or some where to stay a senior citizen or low income housing, been living with family members and need a place of my own. Please pray that God will bless me soon and answer all my prayers I am disable but if I have too I will try and get a job please pray for me and my family, especially my sister she usually work part time with this and he has not call her back to work pray he will call her soon like yesterday. Thank you God bless all who will help me and my family pray and our prayers will be answered in Jesus name,

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