miracle prayer for a new job and financial break through

i pray to you for a job, i have applied for today, i have done the first interview i need your blessings on this lord i may be considered for the job for financial security and break through. please also pray that my family sewing business picks up, ask my dear lord to shine his light on our business and whatever other businesses we are planning to do, please ask the lord to send me his holy spirit of wisdom and understanding such that whatever financial decision i plan to make turns into a gold mine for you know where we are coming from hw we have struggled since childhood , you have blessed us with a happy life oh lord we thank you and we ask you to continue blessing us in all financial endeavours. Pour out financial blessing to me and my family so that many will see our clothes, trust us and make from us. i pray that my whole family finds the lord and the lord in turn blesses us with financial security & health! Please tell the lord that Im very grateful for my family i am very blessed i only ask for blessings financially so that i may help my family and others. Whatever, I need to do please shine your light on me so that i may see and follow the right path and increase my faith each day that passes by. I ask all this through Jesus Christ our lord .Amen

I thank you for your prayers with much love!

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