Miracle prayer

by Jocelyn Martinez ()

Last year I was set up by some acquaintances when I went to Mexico for the night. I was coming back through the port of entry and was immediately arrested due to drugs being in my vehicle. Unfortunately, I’ve been in trouble with the law before. 10 years ago I caught 2 felonies back to back. Was incarcerated 7.5 years for a vehicular accident while transporting marijuana. I am very ashamed of my past and especially my present! But this time I really didn’t know they put drugs in my car. I’m devastated because upon my arrest I learned I was pregnant. Due to the pandemic I was allowed to get out on house arrest to have my baby. However, in order to get out I had to plead guilty and sign a plea agreement of 72-120 months of incarceration. My sentencing is coming up on October 19th and I must self surrender. I’m going through it pretty bad. My firstborn is already 10 years old and my second child is an infant that I’ll have to leave behind just like my first. I can’t seem to accept it. I pray for a miracle so that I may be granted the opportunity to raise my children. And if that’s not what God wants for me than I pray for a miracle of transformation. I yearn to be a Christian woman. I keep failing to do so because my depression takes over and I feel hopeless and lonely. Doomed… so unworthy… I need God!! May his will be done and may I gain wisdom from all of this. Thanks. Blessings

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