Miracle needed

Thank you and God bless you for your ministry. Would you please pray for my family as we face financial crisis. We are three months behind on our mortgage . This happened one year ago and I have been paying monthly but can’t get caught up on those payments. We will soon be foreclosed on and will lose our home. We have no where to go. We have four children. We work hard and my husbands company is picking up business.

Please pray that we can sell our camper to help pay for the past due balance which is $11,000, please pray that our bank will compassionately refinance or help us in a modification of our mortgage to bring us up to date, and/or pray that we will have a prosperous month so we can remedy the situation and remain in our home.

I am worried to death and am putting my trust in the Lord. Please ask for his Holy intercession and to put His hands on our family and bless us and give us a miracle.

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