Miracle needed for my relationship

by Kristi (Canada)

Dear Jesus, I don’t know what your plan is or what is going on, but I’m trusting you that you have a plan and a purpose for my relationship. I really wish that things were different. I wish that he would come home and apologize for what he has done. I would need your help to forgive and trust again, but anything is possible with you Jesus. I wish I had some kind of sign as to what is going on. The first sign I had was the night he left and there was a rainbow right outside the front door. I know that was your promise that everything was going to be ok, but I just wish it was ok right now. I know everything is in your time and not my time, but I feel like time is running out. Jesus, please speak to his heart while he is on holidays and soften and change it. Strengthen me. Thank you for protecting me. Please help Jesus, Amen

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