Miracle Marriage Prayer to stop Divorce

by Tamara (California)

Heavenly Father,

Please renew, restore, and bring a miracle of reconciliation to my marriage. Remove all the anger, hate, resentment, complications and thoughts of divorce from my husband’s mind about me. Instead soften his heart and feel it with the love he once felt for me. Lord reveal to my husband his sins and block all others or paths that are leading him away from me. I know you do not believe in divorce and you do not make mistakes on who you choose for us to marry. I ask for my husband’s salvation, that he realize I am not the enemy but his wife who God selected as his mate and loves him with all my heart. Teach my husband and I both how to respect, appreciate, listen to each other and realize one another’s worth in our marriage. Lord guide my husband to you, our marriage, church, and surround him with Christian men. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

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  1. Maybe you will find help here

    I have an online series called Christian Marriage and the Bible. Perhaps you would find it comforting. It has seven parts to the marriage section, and gives straight bible advice from the scriptures.

    Go to YouTube, and put Dave Long The Shepherd’s Voice into the search in Youtube. Or go to Google and put Dave Long The Shepherd’s Voice into Google. It should bring you to my seven hour long series on Christian Marriage and the bible, and advice straight from Jesus Christ as to how to handle every situation, no matter how bleak.

    And yes, Jesus Christ DOES heal broken marriages, resurrect dead marriages, and destroy divorce everyday! Only believe and you will see the Glory of God.

  2. Please pray for my marriage.

    My wife wants to file for divorce. I have prayed that God heal our marriage and help her to find happiness. Please pray for and with me. I know God hates divorce. I know I am praying for a miracle of healing. I know God can make anything happen. My brothers and sisters in Christ I ask for your help.

  3. My husband filed for divorce

    My husband filed for divorce because he had another woman. I then prayed many rosaries daily. One the Second Luminous Mystery THE WEDDING OF CANA, I asked Jesus to heal my marriage and others marriage.

    I went to the Catholic church, where we got married, sat there, and cry. I told God that I’m so sorry I could not keep my marriage vows. Please give me a sign if He does not want me to sign the divorce paper. I say one rosary and left the church.

    After I left the church, my sister n law called me and asked me not to sign the divorce paper. She assured me that my husband will leave the other woman and come back to the family.

    We have been back for more than four years now. We did seek Catholic priest for marriage counseling. He is now going to church daily, confession, and doing rosary daily.

  4. Am about to divorce

    Am about to divorce but I don’t want devors for me and for my kids!! I hv only 3 day to go to talk to him am gone ask him stop the divorce process let’ start from the beginning please pray for as

  5. Please Help

    My husband and I both left the marriage and went to other relationships. We were together 17 years and have 4 kids. We have been seperated for almost 2 years and still have not finalized the divorce we are just legally seperated. I am asking for prayers for both of us to find our way back to each other and spare our children the pain they have already been through. Dear God please hear my prayer and forgive both of our sins and being us back together. Remind us why we said I do and please let us respect and love each other again.

  6. Need prayers for a miraculous reconciliation

    My wife wants and is actively pursuing a divorce. She decided this 4 mos after the birth of our third child. After each child she doubted our relationship. The dr. Recognized post partum depression for the first two children prescribed meds, and everything was back to normal within 2 months. This time she did not want to work on it, she said she never had ppd in the past. It has been a year. People such as her sister and counselor are encouraging divorce.

    I cannot talk to her, reach her or reason with her. The only thing I can do is pray for her, pray that she changes her heart and mind, and realize the love I have for her. I pray that the holy spirit can guide her back.

    I pray to St. Anthony that he he can help my family with a miracle that we can reconcile and be whole.

    I ask for prayers so our family can be whole again, I know God’s will is that no man (woman) separate, and divorce is not in God’s will.

    Thank you

  7. May my husband return to us and will never leave us

    Dear Lord, please soften my husband’s heart and enkindle back the love he once felt for me. May he learn to forgive me and realize his own mistakes and to know how much i love him. May he feel pity towards our children and come back to us and will never leave our side forever. Thank You Lord

  8. I lost my husband

    I am divorced and regret it every day. I pray for reconciliation with my one true husband. He need to forgive me as I have forgiven him.He need to come back to me and our kids with an open and forgiving heart.
    My divorce has happened and I wish I had come to prayer before then.
    God will see fit and I place all my heart and hope in his wise hands. I also pray to the Virgin Mary and St Anthony.

  9. My husband filed for divorce

    I ask for prayers in saving my marriage. My husband filed for a divorce 2 weeks ago and says he loves me but we have too much hurt and resentment. I pray that he changes his mind. He us not religious, but I am a catholic. We have two children who want us to stay together as well as myself. I ask for divine intervention. I’m grieving so badly and I know he is too. I pray for a reconciliation.

  10. My husband is about to file for divorce

    My husband left me n our daughter. It’s almost 4 years now. He is now going to file for divorce
    I don’t want him to. Please pray for us and our marriage. Please pray that my husband does not go ahead with the divorce.

  11. Wife wants out of marriage

    My wife of 27+ years wants out of our marriage. It hasn’t been the greatest of marriages, but I do not want this to end. I ask for prayers to help me become a more attentive husband and father. Also ask for prayers that my wife can forgive me for my past mistakes

  12. husband to file for divorce

    Please pray for our marriage, we have been together for 26 years and have 3 children. There has been alot of hurt and disappointment in our marriage , but I truly believe we are meant to be together, he is my True love, and pray to make our relationship, stronger, happier and more loving than it has ever been, Please pray my husband can forgive me and, realize his mistakes as well and find the love he once had for me. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen

  13. Help please

    Been married 32 years and 3 children. been seperated 9 months, been praying for a reconcilliation, cant take anymore , im at breaking point , husband wont communicate,. i need a miracle, i cant work due to illness. i love my husband , but dont no what has got into him, he is very stressed with work, i have supported him, listened, talked, comforted, prayed, ive appologised for any wrong to him and our god, no appolgy from him.i miss him. he sends mixed messages.im confused,hurt . i need a good reason for this, im not perfect, but certainly not wanting a divorce, i just want to fix what is broken.

  14. Please pray for me

    My husband suddenly wants a divorce after the birth of our first child. I think he is depressed but refuses to recognize it in himself and is very hesitant in seeking help. I have done all I can do and am relying on God and a strong prayer community to help bring us through this. I do not think it is what he truly wants, we have everything he has ever said he wanted. I just hope my marriage can be saved before he does something he will regret. Please pray for us.

  15. Husband filed divorce

    My husband filed for divorce two months ago. There is still about 5 weeks left till it is finalized. Please stop the divorce. Please help my husband to put the alcohol down and start being the loving husband he promised. Fill our hearts with love and compassion for each other. Remove the bitterness, resentment, and anger towards one another.

  16. Wife filed for divorce

    My wife filed for divorce. We are both christians. She studies the bible daily and is even going to a retreat this weekend. But she has it made up in her mind she is dine with our marriage. I have not been the man God made me to be. I understand that and am praying that He shows me how to be that person for he and our 2 boys.
    We have had issues for many ears but they went unresolved as I am a bad communicator. As they say, I am at the end of myself. I know that God can and will save my marriage. I know that prayer works. I ask anyone reading this to please pray for God to soften my wifes heart and allow her to hear him. She has tons of resentment for her parents and even me now. The bible says she must forgive for God to fully hear/answer her prayers. I fear this is blocking her from hearing everything God has to say to her. Like I said she studies the Bible daily but she needs clarity from Him. I need to God desperatly to do anything in my life he desires. I am fully dependent on Him. Please pray for a miracle.

  17. Disconnected Husband

    Please pray for my marriage. My husband of ten years wants out. We have 3 sons and I don’t want divorce to be a picture they relate to. I haven’t been perfect in the past but know God doesn’t want this for us. Praying my husband comes back to us and puts effort into our marriage. I have done all I can do and need the devil to get out of our lives. Please pray we can reconcile.

  18. I’m loosing my wife

    I’ve made a stupid mistake by answering another woman’s tex which turn sexual after the death off my mother I’m not making excuses for it but god I need u too help me again I need my wife and kids in my life we’ve been together for 20years or so and don’t want to loose it all for a mistake 😢 help me lord

  19. Husband wants divorce

    Please pray for my marriage. Husband filled out divorce papers, it’s very adamant in filing them and barely talks to me unless it’s kid related. We have 2 small kids. He’s been in school overseas 2 times. Before he went back the 3rd time, he came home to spend Christmas with us, but when I picked him up at the airport on Dec 13th, he said he wanted the divorce, then ended up leaving on Christmas day after he had told our kids he was staying till Jan 1st. I’ve been supportive of his decisions even though I don’t agree with most of them (like going to school overseas when he could go closer to us). I’ve been faithful even after numerous times reading flirty conversations between him and other women online. Is being it up to him and he’d change the passwords telling me the conversations ment nothing to him, but he would still continue with the same thing. We’ve been together since 2007, had our daughter in 2009, married in 2011. I think this time he found someone else and that is why he wants out. Pay for me as well, that I’m able to let go of this anger and resentment towards him for not being able to stop with this addiction of him. That God brings him to His side and remove all evil, temptations and false Christ that is pulling him apart. I still love him with all my heart, I hate what this decision is doing to our little ones.

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