Miracle in Crisis

by Natalie (NYC)

I am in a life crisis right now in which every major area of my life is in turmoil. My fiance broke up with me, I moved to a new country which I don’t like, I gained 30 pounds, I have no friends and nobody to talk to, and have just been diagnosed with a serious debilitating illness. I am also at a job making a poverty-level salary.

I need a miracle in my life to bring restoration. I have been struggling with serious depression to the point where I ended up in the suicidal unit of the hospital. 2 years ago I had a great life and everything came tumbling down. I am living with major grief. At this point I know I need a miracle to bring restoration to my life. I know that no counselor can bring me through this and I cannot do it alone. I have been seeking God in every way I know how and I need breakthrough.

The things I want prayer for the most are to restore my sense of faith in God and his plan for my life, to put loving and supportive people in my life, to heal my broken heart and my illness, and to get into the grad school I am applying to for the fall so I can make a better salary and be doing something I enjoy.

Thanks so much.